Mass Property Analysis in Onshape

Mass Property Analysis in Onshape

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You can tell a lot about a part when you make it in 3D modeling software. If you tell the software what the part is made of, you can find out all of it’s properties like weight, mass, density, and volume. When you look at this information to better inform your designs, it is called mass property analysis. Is the part too heavy? Will it fit in the box?

To use this in the classroom, have the students download both of the word documents above. Then use the dimensioned drawings on the Worksheet to make the parts, answer the questions, and hand it in. Then have the students take snips or screen captures of the parts in 3D modeling software and turn them in on the E-Hand-in for evaluation as well.

In the videos below, Jim shows you one way to make the parts in 3D modelling software; in this case, OnShape.




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