Mini Golf Course Team Design Challenge

Introduction In this project, students will develop more advanced 3D modelling skills and use what they have learned previously, to design a mini golf course with a “theme” of their choice. On the other hand, for those who want to test our their golf skills, they can do so thanks to...

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Arduino-How do I use the onboard LED?

Question: How do I use block coding to program the onboard LED on an Arduino Uno? Answer: See Mr. Phan’s How-to video! He shows you how to do it in TinkerCAD, and this can be applied to real life as well. See the full playlist for his Arduino Control Systems and also the Arduino Control...

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Coding Boot Camps

This is more for the teachers of our website, rather than the students… Have a hard time coding? Maybe try a boot camp? Sounds like an interesting idea… Although we do not endorse the site below, we think it’s an interesting idea, nonetheless. Coding bootcamps are short, intense...

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Tormach Post for Fusion 360

Question: I want to use Fusion 360 and post it to a Tormach machine. How do I do it? Answer: Well, all new versions of Fusion 360 should already come with the post processor installed, but if you have an older version, you can go to Tormach’s website and download any post that you...

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Winter Snowflake Challenge

Youtube PlaylistSnowflake Challenge Introduction: You have been approached by your high school’s tech club to help them design a snowflake style ornament for their annual fundraiser.  This year they would like to offer an ornament that has been laser cut.  They have a few requests...

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Hole Notes and Hole Types

Question: Geez… there’s lots of different types of holes…. how do I know the difference when reading a drawing? Answer: Once again… Jim to the rescue with a LOT of information about holes. Going Beyond: Hole Notes Answer the questions below by copying and...

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