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Adding Math and Science to your sTEm Project

welcome NYSMTP! The STEM based projects & activities below can be found on this website. These activities are ones that can be done in a classroom, and may actually be applicable without the lean towards manufacturing. However, feel free to brows through and see what can be done if you want to...

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Arduino Control Systems-Block Coding

What is an Arduino / microcontroller? An Arduino is a microcontroller, which is a computer system on a chip that does a job. It contains an integrated processor, a small amount of memory, and programmable input/output devices, which are used to interact with things connected to the chip. Microcontrollers...

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Mini Golf Course Team Design Challenge

Introduction In this project, students will develop more advanced 3D modelling skills and use what they have learned previously, to design a mini golf course with a “theme” of their choice. On the other hand, for those who want to test our their golf skills, they can do so thanks to...

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Injection Molding Plastic Parts

Question: How are intricate plastic parts made? Answer: There are many ways to make plastic parts, but the only way to mass-produce quality parts is by injection molding. At first it may seem like this is a simple process, but in fact it is not — designing the case and all the tooling is...

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Autonomous Warehouse Robot with 3D Movement

SqUID is the first autonomous warehouse robot with 3-dimensional movement capabilities mounted directly on a standard pallet rack, SqUID can pick from any location, no matter what height. We thought this deserved a SPOTLIGHT! Invented by startup BionicHIVE, it is supposedly plug and play with...

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How Do I Paste G-Code into Tormach

Question: Can students simply paste the g-code that they have written by hand into the Tormach and run it without having to edit the g-code? For example… if they are doing the Yo-Yo Project? Answer: Download the answer as a handout The Tormach machines need a little more code (closer...

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Asimov’s Laws of Robotics Getting a Rewrite?

Remember the laws of robotics from the movie I Robot? This was actually a book long before that, remember those? What you might not know is that Isaac Asimov, the famed science fiction writer, wrote science text books as well. No wonder a lot of his fiction is steeped in believable science! Look...

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Arduino-How do I use the onboard LED?

Question: How do I use block coding to program the onboard LED on an Arduino Uno? Answer: See Mr. Phan’s How-to video! He shows you how to do it in TinkerCAD, and this can be applied to real life as well. See the full playlist for his Arduino Control Systems and also the Arduino Control...

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Coding Boot Camps

This is more for the teachers of our website, rather than the students… Have a hard time coding? Maybe try a boot camp? Sounds like an interesting idea… Although we do not endorse the site below, we think it’s an interesting idea, nonetheless. Coding bootcamps are short, intense...

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