Making a Dobot Account

Making a Dobot Account


How do I make an account with Dobot for my kids to be able to use and save their programs in the cloud? It’s very frustrating!


There are some weird little things in the process, but I have done it successfully now with multiple emails including Gmail, Live, Outlook, and Yahoo. This does NOT work in the downloaded version yet…. You can only register in the online version for the time being.

The frustrating part is that students do not read the directions with each step, and this makes it very difficult. If they mess up this process, there is no way to reuse the email, as you will see when the kids hit step 7, and have done something improperly.

With this being said too, they have a Privacy Policy that is compliant with not using or saving any personally identifiable data from the students so its Ed Law blah, blah blah compliant I am told.

Here are the steps to the process that have worked for me!

  1. Open this link in a browser: This does not work in the Downloaded Version. Yet.
  2. Register for an account:
    1. Name: Use first name only. Keep it Simple.
    2. ID: must be 8-14 characters, uppercase and lowercase and at least 1 number. Use the Kids’ first name and a number, no Spaces. I used Bill22 in this example
    3. Email: use school email account. They have a privacy policy that does NOT download any information from the students.
    4. Password: Capitals, lowercase and at least 1 number. NO special characters or spaces. NameLastname# works every time! I used BillSmith22 as an example
    5. Country: Pick USA
    6. Click Register. I did this five times, with five fake email accounts: 2 Outlook, 2 Gmail, and 1 Yahoo, and it worked every time.
    7. If your students mess up this process, the email you will get to reset your password will go to SPAM, or worse yet be deleted automatically by your district. This will render this email absolutely useless, as it is tied to the password you do not know.
  3. Hint: Keep a spreadsheet (in google, make the kids fill it out) so you can help them log in when they invariably forget something.
  4. I then stayed here: in the online version, and signed in with Name & Password.
  5. It should now work in the downloaded version.

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