Where do I get the New Sensor Kit for My Dobot Magician?


I see there’s a new sensor kit for the Dobot Magician. Is it any good? Where can I get it?


Jim and I have both tested this extensively and I emphatically endorse it! They connect to your robot effortlessly, and give your robot so much more usefulness when it comes sensing and AI. We have added plenty of activities to do with it in the new Dobot Magician & Magician Lite curriculum Jim and I just wrote too. (Download Curriculum Here)

It Includes many sensors, allows you to handshake without hardware, includes a camera as a vision system (that works really well!) and includes an interface called a magic box that allows you to connect multiple sensors at one time.

If you want to purchase it, give our friend Ben a call at In Position Tech, and he’ll be happy to give you a quote!

Email: bens@iptech1.com or Phone: (303)-579-9634

Example page from the new curriculum!




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