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Should I use Dobots?

So which robots should I use in my classroom? Dobots? Lynxmotion? Rotrics? Fanuc? Great question! Jim and I use Dobot’s exclusively in our classrooms for many reasons. One of which is because we wrote the curriculum for them: Teach and Playback and Blockly. Below we have come up with some justification...

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Where do you get the Dobot handshaking wires?

Question: I’m teaching CIM for the first time in a few years and am a bit rusty. I’m getting ready to start using the Dobots. I don’t remember this 4 wire piece that goes into the breadboard. I know I have a lot of 3 pronged ones from vex. Do you know what it’s called and where I can get one?...

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09 T&P Robotics Glossary

Download Do you want a list of key vocabulary words for your students? Alphabetized and listed as to which activity they can be found in? This is your download then!  1,100 total views,  2 views today

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04.5 T&P Presentation-Robotic Communication

Download This presentation covers the inputs and outputs of the Dobot Magician as well as the communication technique called Handshaking. This is very simple form of communication with 1’s and 0’s. Includes the use of relays and Optical Isolators. Examples are also given for robot...

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13 Field Template

Download Consider the Field Template the “Playground” for your Dobot Magician! Place the robot’s base on the edge of the paper where it is outlined, and use the pallet to palletize, pick and place, or stack objects. There are also some “dip tanks off to the side to do...

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12 Input-Output Guide

Download The Input/Output Guide was put together by Jim and I and tested extensively to make sure that inputs and outputs worked smoothly and were well documented. The first page outlines how peripherals are attached to the Dobot, and the second page is the Digital Signal guide that shows you...

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08 T&P Workcell Design

Download A robotic workcell is defined as the complete environment around a robot. This environment may include tools, machines and/or other robots. An example of an assembly operation using robots and VEX components In this activity you will use a robot and a microcontroller system to recreate...

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07 T&P Handshaking-Dobot to Microcontroller

Download Robotic arms sometimes need to communicate with other machines in a workcell, or factory. This is called HANDSHAKING and can be done between different machines, devices and robots. It is a very simple form of communication and is done with simple ones and zeros; or “ons” and “offs”. ...

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