V3.1 Dobot Magician Curriculum Done!

Jim and I have been working on the new curriculum for the Dobot Magician robot, and we must say, it came out great! In writing the Magician Lite curriculum, we actually went back and made some awesome changes, and that’s why this is V3.1.

There are activities for Teach & Playback, Dobot Block (which looks just like VEX V5) and did extensive testing on the new software: DobotLab. The software can be downloaded HERE. Installation instructions are HERE.

We also did some testing with We also did some testing with peripherals like a one meter Slidebase, the Conveyor, and the Sensor Kit. These add-ons really up your manufacturing education game. Imagine the factory you can build for the Factory Smackdown competition!

No need to buy new robots, as this curriculum will work with the older V2 robots as well.

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