Dobot Lab: Installation

Dobot Lab: Installation


How do I install Dobot Lab in my class, and how much does it cost?


Well… It’s free. It will always be free we are told! and to get it, you just have to sign up for an account with Dobot, go here: and download DobotLab and DobotLink as shown in the diagram below. DobotLab is the software that controls the arm, DobotLink allows your computer to connect to the software.

1. Download, “DobotLink Win Local Version V6.7.2” and “DobotLab Win Local Version V2.3.13“

2. Install DobotLab first, than DobotLink. Both have to install in the default folder.

3. Plug in the Magician using USB, and run Dobotlab.

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