Dobot Magician Spare Parts

Dobot Magician Spare Parts


My ___________________ for my Dobot Magician/Magician Light is broken/missing/not working, what can I do?


Ben Sawyer from InPosition Technologies has given us a pricelist of spare parts! InPosition is the certified repair company in the US, and they are the place to go for parts. One negative is that there is a $50 minimum order… so you may have to get a few extras. To get more info, download the Spare Parts List and give Ben Sawyer and his team at InPosition a call or an email for a quote!

Spare Parts List DownloadBen Sawyer
Robotics Specialist

7827 W. 108th Ave., #600
Westminster, CO 80021
Direct: (303)-579-9634
Help Line: (877)-478-3241

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