Onshape Mass Properties

Onshape Mass Properties


I am using OnShape this year, and I would like to know if you can find the mass properties of a part, and make them out of different materials like you can in Autodesk products? That would be very helpful!


Of course you can, and it is very helpful indeed. It’s a great way to grade parts too! If you know what the volume of a part is supposed to be, then you can check the students’ volume against the known value.

For example… in this 3D Modeling activity we have come up with, there is an e-Hand-in document that is a word doc that can be turned into a google doc and then shared in your google classroom. Once a student makes one of the parts, they take a snip or screen capture of their part in Isometric, as well as the mass properties box. Viola! New way to grade part files!

How much does it weigh if I have to ship it? Check the mass... How much paint do I need to paint it? check the surface area! Will it float? Find the density. A very useful tool indeed. Watch the video below for a quick 2 minute tutorial.

Also, If you want to see a Mass Property Analysis activity that con be done virtually in CIM and IED, Go here to find the tutorials/activity/and e-Hand-in!

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