Advanced CAD Modeling & Mfg Math Activity

Advanced CAD Modeling & Mfg Math Activity
Worksheet with DimensionsElectronic Hand-in Document

In this activity, students can download the worksheet with the dimensions and directions, and use them to build the METRIC models in your favorite 3D modeling software. NOTE: Worksheet with Dimensions Drawings updated 4/30/2020… Thanks Tim Sullivan!

Here’s an example from the worksheet download.

When they have built all the METRIC parts in 3D Modeling software, they can download the electronic hand in document, paste snips into it for you, the teacher, to check and hand in electronically.

Here’s an example of the type of math required for one of the parts.

The Hand-in document also has manufacturing math related questions in the conclusion section to answer that deal with all of the parts that they have manufactured.

You as the teacher can decide which models your students have to do and/or which math questions they have to answer. Math teachers will love you for reinforcing their material and science teachers will too; there’s some science concepts in there too!

Sorry… we do not have the answer key available for the activity…. yet….. teachers can cntact us…

This would be another activity that you might be able to use as a distance learning project during the COVID-19 outbreak as well.




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