Mass STEM Hub - Reverse Engineering

Mass STEM Hub - Reverse Engineering

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Reverse Engineering: Step by Step (100 minutes) (Teachers should have a laptop with a working Onshape account to take full advantage of this workshop)Learn the process of reverse engineering through a hands on experience. You’ll learn how to take stuff apart, document it, measure it with dial calipers, recreate it in OnShape 3D modeling software, and then make improvements.

Resources used throughout this workshop:

  1. myPLTW IED Curriculum: Lesson 2.2
  2. Reverse Engineering Project: Student: Link
  3. Reverse Engineering Teacher: Link
  4. Reverse Engineering Document? Email?
  5. Onshape Basic Parts Practice
  6. Dial Calipers & Measuring Instruments
  7. Reading a dial caliper how to: Thanks to Mitutoyo!
  8. Taking things apart…

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