Welcome Mass Teachers & Mass STEM Hub!

Welcome Mass Teachers & Mass STEM Hub!

So looking forward to discussing manufacturing with teachers from MA tonight about how to teach Computer Aided Manufacturing in today’s educational setting. Like manufacturing, the face of education is changing rapidly. Thank you to MassSTEMhub for supporting CIM teachers throughout the great state of Massachusetts and beyond!

Tonight’s Program:

Computer Integrated Manufacturing…without the computers? You can do most of it with a Chromebook believe it or not. It’s not ideal, but we’ll learn together how to make it work. Even CNC machine, and 3D print from a distance!In this session We will go over how to find and use the virtual lessons that PLTW has provided for you, as well as provide some insight on how to make all four units fit a virtual classroom. We will also interactively explore a lot of outside resources from chrisandjimcim.com for you to use in your CIM classroom. Also, tips and tricks on the technical side of going virtual… Unbelievably you can Zoom virtual students while teaching some live! 





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