How do I use an edge finder?

How do I use an edge finder?

Tired of using the I.L.A.R method of finding the corner of your stock (It Looks About Right…). Then here’s the video for you! This video was made by Tormach, and it shows you how to utilize two different types of edge finders. Thanks Tormach!

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This video demonstrates the use of a mechanical edge finder and an electronic edge finder. Essentially, an edge finder is a dynamic indicator of the location of a workpiece edge with reference to the centerline of the spindle to which it is attached. Both versions of the edge finder are used in a similar fashion. The edge finder is put in the rotating chuck and the edge of the workpiece is moved towards the chuck. As the lower cylinder of the edge finder touches the edge, that lower cylinder “kicks” to the left (assuming a clockwise rotation as seen from above). When the kick is observed, the axis of the spindle and the edge of the workpiece are located to 1/2 the diameter of the edge finder.




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