Congressman Proposes STEM Education Office

Congressman Proposes STEM Education Office



U.S. Rep. Michael Honda of California introduced the STEM Education Act, which would create an Office of STEM Education in the Department of Education to help coordinate the department’s K-12 and higher education STEM efforts. See the link below for the full report.

I mean C’mon! did anyone hear the State of the Union Address last week? The President of the US spent 30 minutes talking about manufacturing, robotics, and how CIM plays an integral role in the rebuilding of the American economy.  Yet when boards of education makes cuts in April and May, I will bet CTE/STEM classes will be the first to go, at least in NY.

If we haven’t been touting our pragrams til now, sadly, I believe it’s too late for this budget year. But really now is the time to start using all of this PR from the government, and from industry, and let Boards of Education know (if they don’t already) how important STEM Education is.

Jason Webb, our IED/Communications teacher has made a project out of having students make short PLTW class promo videos. I will be posting them here shortly.

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