2015 CIM CTI Factory Smackdown!

2015 CIM CTI Factory Smackdown!

Awesome factories built by teachers at CIM CTI this year!

What do you get when you put a bunch of teachers together, teach them about industrial robotics and automation, then give them VEX and Lynxmotion robots?  Factories of course!   See some of the spectacular projects teachers from around the country have come up with in the videos below.

The idea is to take all that you have learned in two weeks, and apply it to a factory that you build in a day. So what you see is a culminating activity that these teachers put together, video, then tear down in a mere 24 hours.  Nice job everyone!  Keep the videos coming…

University of Kentucky’s 2015 Factory that includes an AGV, multiple robotic arms, and sorts items with a light sensor. It simulates a recycling facility.
CalPoly’s 2015 Factory that Assembles the lid to a container that was built in the previous unit of the CIM course. 
That’s right…. CalPoly built TWO factories this year! This one does a powder coating operation on a metal part. 
UMBC’s CIM team made one that inflates footballs for the New England Patriots!
Rochester Institute of Technology’s (RIT) entry is a factory that builds and tests nerf darts!
Would you like to see a playlist of older factories built at previous CTI’s?  CLICK HERE




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