The Handshake Boards Are In!

Boards came from PCBExpress today. Had a spare optical isolator, and some wire and resistors so I made one on the board. Soldered it according to the instructions on the board and this is what it looked like:




Drove to school to get the orange vex cable. Will complete test later tonight.



11:33 pm

First tested the communication from Vex to Lynx using the program below and connecting the Output of the Module to Cortex Digital I/O 6 and the Output to Input D on the SSC-32.


Vex to Lynx Test- It output 1000 pulses from the cortex, and SSC-32 saw 1000 pulses. 100% success! RobotC: Variable count = 1000 (Bottom of Screen)


RIOS: Counter 4 = 1000: Robot saw all 1000 pulses

Test 2: Lynx to Vex Communication:

Ran the following program which counts the number of pulses received on the Cortex Digital I/O 1 up to 1000.


Then Opened RIOS and hit the Test button which cycles the outputs on and off.

Note in the diagram above the TEST button on the right top is highlighted, and it cycles through the outputs at 90 ms each. In this screen shot it is currently on output 4. As it cycled through, the counter in the RobotC program saw 1000 pulses. 100% success!

More to Come……

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