Six Sigma: Statistics in Manufacturing

Six Sigma: Statistics in Manufacturing

What is Six Sigma and how does it help when manufacturing? In this video from Simplilearn you’ll find out. Hey teachers: there’s a great quiz near the end of the video to check for understanding.

Six Sigma gives you the tools and techniques to determine what’s making the manufacturing process slow down, how you can eliminate the delays, improve the process, and fix further issues along the way. It is a methodology that has seen worldwide adoption. Learn more about it here.

This video also provides detailed examples on how each of the two Six Sigma methodologies work. The example we’ll be considering is how a car manufacturing company is able to achieve its goals with the help of the Six Sigma methodologies, DMAIC and DMADV.

We’ll be covering the below topics in this Six Sigma video:

  1. What is Six Sigma? 00:33
  2. History of Six Sigma 00:47
  3. Six Sigma methodologies and examples 01:26
  4. Quiz 07:23

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