Intelitek Benchmill Basics

Intelitek Benchmill Basics

In this series of short videos, learn the basics of how to setup your Intelitek Benchmill 6000 in your classroom. Everything from wiring it, connecting it to your computer, installing tools & vices, and everything in between. Short descriptions of each video below.

1 Tour of the Benchmill 6000: Take a tour of the Benchmill 6000 series mill by Intelitek including set up and maintenance in your classroom.

2 Benchmill: Communication Setup: How do you make your Benchmill communicate with your controller and your computer? In this video Jim takes you through this process step by step.

3 Benchmill: Installing a Tool: How do you install a tool in the collet of the Benchmill 6000? What kind of collet is it? How do you put the tool in the machine? It’s all right here. Step by step. Thanks Jim!

4 Benchmill: Installing a Pneumatic Vice: With a Pneumatic, or air powered vice, you get one step closer to automation with the Benchmill 6000. In this video Jim shows you how to install one easily on your machine.

5 Mounting Stock in a Manual Vice: CIM Master Teacher Matt Baehr explains how to mount a piece of material in your manual vice and why he does it the way he does. This will apply to all other milling machines as well.




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