Introduction to RobotC and VEX Inputs & Outputs

Introduction to RobotC and VEX Inputs & Outputs

When you think about it, in manufacturing, controlling things is necessary to perform very complex tasks to manufacture items to tolerances finer than a human hair. Think about all of the systems that have to be controlled in a single work cell in a factory… then multiply it by 10’s or 100’s of cells. Mind boggling! It’s all done with some form of logic controller. In industry they use PLC’s, in the classroom we use arduino and VEX components.

In this series of short videos, learn the basics of how to use RobotC to program a VEX micro-controller to control all of your VEX creations from robots to control systems. The videos in this series include:

  • Introduction to VEX Electrical Components– This video shows you what all of the components are, how they work, and how to interface them with the VEX Cortex & RobotC
  • Introduction to RobotC– This is the software side of your VEX creations… The code that makes the hardware work!
  • Uploading a Program to a VEX Cortex– Pretty easy, but without this step, nothing works!
  • Adding an Input Using a Limit Switch– It’s amazing what you cn do with a switch and a microcontroller when you really think about it!
  • Looping With Natural Language– Learn how to do things multiple times using Natural Language… the “easy” way.
  • Using While Structures in RobotC– OK… now we’re getting a little deep. Want to perform a complex task with your VEX hardware? Chances are you’ll need a While Structure to do it.
  • Variables– Believe it or not EVERY programming language uses variables, and there are many good reasons to. Here’s how to do it!
  • 7 Functions & Voids– What are functions and voids, and how can they make it easier to program your VEX hardware? Here’s the video for you…
  • Using IF Structures– to make a micro-controller complete complex tasks, IF statements can be the go-to to make it easier. In this video Jim shows you how.




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