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FlowArm is a Windows based program for controlling the AL5 series arms from Lynxmotion via the SSC-32 servo controller. FlowArm takes advantage of a simple to use interface to create move sequences. Use a model of the arm on the screen to easily position the arm and save complex sequences for playback at anytime.

It is a free download available here: http://www.lynxmotion.com/p-821-free-download-flowarm-software.aspx

Of special interest to teachers who want to use this in your lab to teach CIM here are some key features that have been added:

  • You can now control two arms from the same SC-32. To do this just open a second instance of the FlowArm software. The second program will automatically become the Arm2 controller and talk to the Arm1 application (requires Networking & UDP port 80). You can even run the Arm2 software on another PC on the Network!
  • You can now use the onscreen switches to control the SC-32 output pins 8-15 (Arm1) & 24-31(Arm2).
  • There is now a pause sequence slider to allow pauses of up to 1min (60000ms) between sequence steps.
  • The Spare Servos A & B now work properly.
  • The Servo Speed slider has been reversed as requested.
  • New screen sizing buttons have been added S = Small, M = Medium, & L = Large + there is a Full Screen toggle and a Quit button.

Jim is now the pointman on the FlowArm software, and if you have any concerns or suggestions, please contact him to let him know your thoughts:jim.hanson@chrisandjimcim.com.

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