How do I Handshake A VEX Cortex With a Lynxmotion Arm?

IF YOU CANNOT READ THE DIAGRAMS BELOW,PLEASE CLICK ON THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON TO GET A PDF VERSION! reddownloadLynx-VEX Handshaking Notes Question: How do I receive a signal on a Cortex from the SSC-32 (Lynx Robot) in RobotC? Answer: One way to do it is shown in the example below. A machine is waiting for a signal from the robot. The €œwhile€ statement in the program below is not necessary, just an added bonus as a start switch. NOTE THE COMMENTS BELOW FOR HOW THE WIRING GOES! LynxToVEXwiring LynxVexHS3 Question: How do I send a signal from the Cortex to the SSC-32 in RobotC?  Answer: It is definitely best to set a SensorValue to either 1 or 0 and make it a Digital Output!  Any other way and the signal will be backwards. Notice that you can check the value of the signal in the debugger window.  Notice that there is only one =. This sets the value. == means compare….. VEXtoLynxWiringSerial LynxVexHS2 Question: How do I make it talk back and forth? Answer: See the picture below. Please read the comments too! LynxVexHS1

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