I have my VEX kits, and it seems I have a bushel basket of extra wheels, and not enough sensors or cool stuff for my kids to use. What do you suggest I buy as extras, and how many?

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I had the same issue in my class, and then I found a source for individual parts. If you use the attached Excel spreadsheet, and send it to iDesign Solutions they will send you a quote, and in my experience, it has always been less expensive than from VEX. They take purchase orders, and have very fast delivery. I have never had anything back ordered. THIS IS MEANT TO SUPPLEMENT THE KITS, NOT REPLACE THEM! The prices you see are directly from the website above, but send it as a quote, and see what kind of price you get! If you find parts that you think I missed, please let me know!


Download an XLS Spreadsheet to send for a quote.

Right off the bat, I would order these extras for each kit, as they would allow you to build all the testbeds exactly the same:

Qty. Unit Cat # Description
1 276-2162 3-Wire Servo
1 276-2210 Flashlight
1 276-2158 Light Sensor


After I received a grant to purchase more VEX components, I decided not to buy kits, but piece out the kits with only the parts I thought we would need, and what I ordered is below. This way I did not end up with lots of wheels, and had lots of Inputs and Outputs. What you see below will cost about $5000. (That was my grant total!):

The attached spreadsheet will allow you to change quantities and the total price will be reflected.

Qty. Unit Cat # Description
3 276-1189 Bevel Gearbox Bracket
8 276-2162 3-Wire Servo
5 276-2210 Flashlight
4 276-2158 Light Sensor
4 276-2155 Ultrasonic Range Finder
3 276-1957 Rack Gear (16 Pack)
3 275-1188 Rack Gearbox Bracket (2 pack)
3 276-1424 3-wire extension cables (large bundle)
3 276-1426 3-wire extension cables 12″ (4 pack)
3 275-1187 Worm Gearbox Bracket
5 275-1060 Plus Gusset (8 pack)
5 276-2216 Potentiometer (2 pack)
2 276-2214 Tank Treads Upgrade Kit
6 276-1456 7.2V Robot Battery NiMH 2000mAh
2 276-2168 Tank Tread Kit
2 276-2231 Probot Robot Kit
5 276-2232 Booster Kit
5 276-2159 Bumper Switch (2 pack)
6 276-2177 2-Wire Motor 393
5 276-2174 Limit Switch (2 Pack)
3 276-2156 Optical Shaft Encoder (2 Pack)
3 276-2176 LED Indicator Pack
5 276-2194 Vex Cortex Microcontroller
4 276-2161 Metal & Hardware Kit
4 276-2184 Advanced Gear Kit
4 276-2219 Battery Strap (2 Pack)
8 276-1403 USB A-A Cable
4 276-1341 Base Plate 30×15 (2 Pack)
3 276-1926 Linear Motion kit
3 276-1546 Winch and Puilley Kit
8 276-2193 Motor Controller
0 276-1110 Gusset Pack

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