SAT Fix on Student Computers



All right…. came in to school early before an all day meeting beccause I just had to try the .sat fix from the previous post as a student.

Good news or bad first?!?

Our school has two “fake” student accounts for us to test programs with, ect. I do not know the difference between the two accounts, b ut I tried them both.


First one didn’t work out so well.  I couldn’t even open EdgeCAM!  It worked September 7th, because I tested it. Somebody must’ve done something between now and then, I swear! This is the error I got.

Now for the good news? On the other account, other than the toolstore error, (which worked in September… I swear….) and it took ten minutes, I am not overexaggerating, for EdgeCAM to load and another 3-5 minutes for the part to load. I hope this is just a “first time” loading issue.

With those issues aside, the .sat finally loaded, I was able to apply toolpaths, and verify the part in simulation.

UPDATE! 7:45 12/8/2011 Just tried it with a real live student, with a real live student account, on a real live student computer, and it works!

Please try this in your classroom, on your computers, and let us know if it works!  Good Luck!

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