Project Idea: CNC Nameplate

Project Idea: CNC Nameplate

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In this project you will be able to take everything you’ve learned about Conversational Machining in PathPilot and put it together in one project to make a name plate. Go to our Conversational tutorials to learn the basics if each step of this project.

The material we used is a piece of 2″ x 8″ plastic sign material given to us by the maintenance department of our high school… they use it to make the signs that go on all the classroom doors. But you can buy it at Johnson’s Plastics Plus, but it can be found on Amazon a lot cheaper too. It is just very thin plastic with two layers of color. When you engrave through the top layer, you can see the bottom color. Click on the link above to download the activity to use with your students in the classroom!

If you forward to the end of this post, you’ll see the PathPilot settings we used to make this happen!

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