PhoneAmp Prototype Done!

PhoneAmp Prototype Done!

on Saturday, 22 November 2014.


V__6F21Students researched, designed, and built a prototype for a class mass production project: an MP3/Phone Passive Amplifier.

It works amazingly well, and looks great too! Obviously it is blue and gold to match Caz colors, and students tested it last class.

It fits almost any phone from the iPhone 3 to the iPhone 6, as well as real phones like the Android phones and even this windows phone shown in the picture. One of the biggest design constraints was that it had to fit everyone’s phone!

It also amplifies very well. The front part is open to be able to access the touch screen, and the sound is ported to a hollowed portion in the back that acts to amplify the sound.

Special thanks to Dave Lord who did this project with his class last year, and helped us out with speeds and feeds on our cnc machine.


Front view: Fits everything from the Galaxy Note, as well as the iPhone 3! And yes, even the iPhone 6 XL… with a case! Sound comes from the phones speakers, passes through a slot into the back, amplifying the sound.


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