Custom Work At It’s Finest!

Custom Work At It's Finest!



Walking around at the Victoria street fair, The largest in all of British Columbia, I came across a true artisan.Mr. Andy Speake ofLive Edge Guitars was displaying several of the guitars that he has made. He is a Luthier: one who makes stringed instruments. Where does the word Luthier come from? Check here.


Don’t tell Matt Slausen, but these guitars were made completely by hand, including the necks; no CNC machining involved. they were truly works of art, and they sounded terrific too.

Mass production isn’t always for the masses! Becasue they were custom made though, they were a little pricier than your average electric guitar, but remember; custom work almost always costs more, but you get a one of a kind!

If you would like more info from Andy, you can go to his website here. He DOES ship to NY!

Gotta go eat my Jamaican food from the street fair Mon!

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