British Columbia, Here I Come!

British Columbia, Here I Come!


On Thursday of this week I will be flying out to Victoria BC to shoot some videos of manufacturing processes. If I were to drive, it would be a total of 2866 miles, and 44 hours to drive. Thanks for the plane Gerald & PLTW.  Thanks also to Mr. Dubik and everyone at Cazenovia HS who is picking up my slack while I am gone!



Underhouse Studios is producing educational videos about manufacturing processes, and they needed someone to be an “expert” in the field, and PLTW called on me to do it. Hmm…. One of the shows that are done by Underhouse Studios is called Edge Factor, and their latest video is about the Chilean mine disaster, and how the miners were rescued. Click on the picture to go to the shows website:




I will be visiting Straitline Components: A manufacturing company that uses CIM to produce high-end mountain bike components, mostly out of anodized aluminum. While there, I will be focusing on topics including “Lights Out Mfg”, laser marking and machine centers, robotics, and hydraulics & pneumatics.

Some of the machinery and processes can be seen on their YouTube channel and one of their best can be seen below.



Stay tuned for more….



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