Anne Burrell Comes To Town!

Anne Burrell Comes To Town!



Well, to be honest, Anne Burrell has nothing to do with CIM, but she is tied to EDD! This could be just a another brush with greatness for me… or not. Read on!


What do you give you wife for Christmas? There isn’t much better than a signed cookbook from one of her favorite chefs. On the Wednesday before Christmas, a local grocery store had a book signing with Anne Burrell; one of the Food Network’s famous chefs.


So to make a long story short, I bought the book at Amazon, then stood in line for a couple of hours (grocery shopped too!), and viola! Instant Christmas present! My Wife and I also have seen her live at Dave’s Diner in Cazenovia where she did a fund raiser and showed 100 people how to make her famous Wild Mushroom Risotto.

Steve__KaraSo, Why am I talking about her here?  Well, her father, Steve Burrell, lives in Cazenovia, and
he has been hanging around my classroom for six years now. As a retired engineer, he spends just about everyday in my EDD class, helping out my students, and providing a real world experience from the perspective of an engineer. He is joined by two other former Engineer’s: Don Stehle and Hume Laidman. Special thanks to all three of you!

Yes. that’s right. I have three engineers in my EDD Classroom almost everyday. Do you? Why Not?!?

Merry Christmas to all!


Steve Burrell helps former student Kara
Damon in my EDD class. Circa 2005

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