A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life



Wow! spent the day at Sraitline components shooting educational videos for CIM classes. It’s amazing what can be done in a small machine shop with the right equipment.

The guys in the shop: Mike, DJ, Eric, and Dennis gave me the grand tour and demonstrated some of the high tech equipment they use to stay competitive with the big dogs in industry.


This is called a tombstone. It has eight sides and holds raw materials before it goes into a machine, and finished parts when it comes out. In this picture aluminum blancks get attached, it is moved into the machining center and rotated until all parts are completed. It then comes out of the machine and someone removes the finished product.

Another slick piece of equipment was a tool carousel. No, it’s not a ride, but part of an automated


tool changer. The machine takes the tools from this carousel, and automatically inserts them into the machine when called for. This speeds up production immensly, as all tool changes are automatic!

Today I was taped doing three instructional videos by Matt from Underhouse Studios. The topics were Laser Marking, Machining Centers and Industrial Drive systems: Electric/Pneumatic, and Hydraulic.

More to follow…..

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