How do I use HSM, the CAM tab in Autodesk Inventor?
Do we have some tutorials for you! Jim and I put this together, as Jim has been playing with it for some time now, and we feel comfortable enough to put out some videos. Please keep in mind that these videos are only one way to get HSM to do what you want. If you come up with a better way, please let us know!  
reddownload Download the Inventor files for these tutorials right here, and then you can do them right along with Jim! This is a direct download…clicking here will send it directly to your downloads folder.
0 HSM: Setup: Toolstore & Post Processor 1 HSM: Facing Operation
 reddownload Download the Post Processor and the Toolstore reddownload Download coming soon
2 HSM: Roughing a Pocket 3 HSM: Roughing Multiple Pockets
reddownload Download coming soon reddownload Download coming soon
4 HSM: Island Roughing 5 HSM: Contours
 reddownload Download coming soon reddownload Download coming soon
6 HSM: Multiple Contours  7 HSM: Slotting Operations
 reddownload Download coming soon reddownload Download coming soon! 
8. HSM: Hole Operations 9. Slotting and Contours (Engraving)
 reddownload Download coming soon!(coming soon) reddownload Download coming soon!(coming soon)
10. HSM: Fixing Origin & Rest Roughing 11. HSM: Simple Surfaces
 reddownload Download coming soon reddownload Download coming soon
12. HSM: Complex Surface & Using Boundaries
reddownloadDownload coming soon

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