What vocabulary is necessary to be successful in CIM, wether as a student or teacher; in the classroom or at CTI?


Great question, as many studies have shown that a strength in vocabulary leads to success in ALL areas, and this includes CIM and manufacturing education.

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Below is a list to get started.


Assembly file .iam Part file .ipt Design 2D Sketch Mode Finish Sketch
Create (Component in Place) Part / Model Mode Line Constraints
Work Origin Plane XY Feature 2-Point Rectangle Coincident Constraint
New 2D Sketch Extrude Join and Cut 3 Point Arc Equal Constraint
Work Plane Loft Center Point Circle Tangent Constraint
Return (Finish Part) Fillet 3D Construction Line Slice Graphics
Offset (Loop & No Loop) Derive Part
Fillet 2D


Design Mode Offset Manufacture Mode % Step Over
Auto Stock Line Post Cut Increment
CPL/PRZ Text ToolStore Boundary
Create CPL Transform/Translate Roughing Operation Lead Radius
Select CPL Distance / Measure Speed (Spindle) Use Current Tool
Feature Finder Feed Rate Profiling Operation
Boss (Island) Plunge Feed Rate Surface Operation
Pocket Climb Hole Operation
Hole Conventional Slot Cycle
Profile Loop (Feature Finder) Optimized Parallel Lace
Mill Feature (Feature Finder) Clearance Constant Cusp
Hole (Feature Finder) Depth Z Level Finishing
Geometry from Loops Level Cycle Time


Preparatory Code (G) Miscellaneous Code (M) Speed Rate Origin / PRZ / CPL
G90 Absolute M02 End Program Feed Rate Datum
G91 Relative / Incremental M03 Spindle On (Needs S) Plunge Rate Modal
G00 Rapid Traverse M05 Spindle Off Block Plunge
G01 Straight Line Interpol M06 Tool Change Address Character Retract
G02 Cir Interpolation CW M30 Program End and Reset Parameter Safe Position / Clearance
G03 Cir Interpolation CCW M08/M09 Accessory 1 on/off Word Jig
G04 Dwell (Needs F) M10/M11 Accessory 2 on/off X Axis Fixture
G05 Pause Y Axis Numerical Control (NC)
G20 Inch Mode F = Feed Rate or Time Z Axis Pneumatic Vise
G21 Millimeter Mode Chip Load / Tool Feed XY and IJ and R Machinist Vise
Comment Cutting Speed-Surface ft/min Ball Screw Strap and Step Clamp
Acme Screw
Tool Center Point (TCP) Tool Cutter Compensation Tool Height Offset

CNC Motion

Home Setup Library Verify Setting Operator Control
Verify Setup Tool Wizard Stock/Vise Single Step
Run / Cycle Start / Simulate Select Tool Feed Override End Mill
Pause Set Position Speed Override Ball End Mill
Stop Run Setting Jog Control Bull End Mill
Estimate Run Time Arc Centers Incremental Step Jog Taper End Mill
Jog Control Go to Position Continuous Jog Non-Center Cutting
Work Space Send Tool to Corner Soft Limits Center Cutting

 Robot C

Open Sample Program Digital Sensor Natural Language Compile
Pseudo Code Touch Sensor Task main Debugger
Pragma Quadrature Encoder If-Else Loops Firmware (Master / RobotC)
Motors and Sensors Setup Sonar / Ultrasonic While Loops Platform Type
Motor Analog Sensor Variables
Motor 269 Potentiometer Functions
Motor 393 Light Sensor / Photo Cell Void
Flashlight / LED Line Follower / Infrared Open and Closed Loop
Motor Controller LED Normally Open
Servo DigitalPort Normally Closed
MotorPort Until Feedback
Motor Backlash Wait


ER4U Axis Control Program Flow Inputs and Outputs
Peripheral Open Gripper Wait If Input
Feeder Close Gripper Jump Turn on Output
PLM1000 Go Linear Remark Turn off Output
Controller Setup Go Circular Set Variable to Computation Joints Movement
If Jump XYZ Movement
Record Position Work Envelope Label
Teach Position Payload Follow Me Camera
Roll Reset Workcell Servo Motor Run Single Line
Pitch Dialog Bars Stepper Motor
Get Position Home Encoder
Send Robot to Object Degrees of Freedom

Elements of Power

Ampere Power Watt
Electrical Current (I) Revolutions per Min (RPM) Work
Force Servo Motor
Horsepower (HP) Stepper Motor
Hydraulic Torque
Joule Velocity
Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI) Viscosity
Pneumatic Voltage (V)

Flowbotics Studio

Handshaking Calibration Joint Movement
End Effector Work Envelope AL5D XYZ Movement
Input Servo Motor Record Spare Servo
Output Payload Pause Accuracy
Optoisolator Schematic Copy Reliability
Relay Loop Delete Repeatability
Resistor Step Global Speed
Breadboard Sequence SSC-32


AGV ASRS Automation CAD
CAM CIM Dependent Variable Independent Variable
JIT Kaizen Six Sigma Variable
Fixed Cost Value-Added Non-Value Added (NVA) Overhead
Profit Raw Material Variable Cost Durability
Design Flaw Quality Control Ethics / Morality Defective
FDM Stereolithography Laser Sintering 3D Printing
LOM Prototype Subtractive Process Additive Process
Post Processing Build Time Exhaustible Resource Renewable Resource
Inventory Control PLC Microcontroller FMS
Process Design Chart Workcell
Flow Process Chart
Operation Delay Transportation Storage

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