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Precision Measurement: Why & How?

Mark from Haas Automation sets his sights on a topic that every machinist and every machine shop deals with on a daily basis. He looks at the tools and terms you need to become familiar with as you’re starting out making parts and measuring them. Thanks to Haas Automation for this great...

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LMS: Announcements

Question: What are “announcements” used for in an LMS? Do you use them? How? Answer:   Hold on Cowboy…. that’s three questions in one. I use them in class everyday, with every class. I especially like to be able to give my students content like files, or links that they...

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Question: Why won’t my RobotC program compile today without errors, but it did yesterday? Solution: Probably because you forgot to change your Platform Type Settings. This happens in my lab when a student uses a different computer. Just make sure platform type is set to VEX 2.0 Cortex, and...

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