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Intro to Onshape – MASS STEM Hub

Hey there! Hope you can make it to the training on Onshape basics! In this training we will be going over Lesson 1.5.2: Sketches, Extrusions & Revolutions. In case you missed, or you would just like some more support, here is a slew of video tutorials to help you out! In the video below,...

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Onshape Assemblies

Question: Hello, Does anyone have a simple assembly video for OnShape?  Answer: Are you using a Chromebook? That makes it a bit more challenging, and you may want to try watching this video first. If not, watch the video below. Still having troubles? Check out the Methodology below, and...

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Hole Notes and Hole Types

Question: Geez… there’s lots of different types of holes…. how do I know the difference when reading a drawing? Answer: Once again… Jim to the rescue with a LOT of information about holes. Going Beyond: Hole Notes Answer the questions below by copying and...

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Onshape Mass Properties

Question: I am using OnShape this year, and I would like to know if you can find the mass properties of a part, and make them out of different materials like you can in Autodesk products? That would be very helpful! Answer: Of course you can, and it is very helpful indeed. It’s a great...

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Convert from Onshape to Autodesk for CAM

Question: So how exactly do you convert a part from OnShape into something that you can use to do CAM in Autodesk Fusion360 and Inventor? Answer: Just export it to a STEP file! Easier said than done… watch this 3 minute video to show you how!  607 total views,  1 views...

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Onshape-View Controls on a Chromebook

Question: How do I use OnShape on a chromebook? It’s almost as bad a s a Mac! No right click or anything. Please help! Answer: It is a little trickier to do 3D modeling on a chromebook due to the lack of a few things that a real computer has. Luckily enough for us older guys, kids...

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OnShape Revolve Tool- Basic to Advanced

Real World Shapes Activity Basic Revolve ActivityComplex Revolve Activity Introduction: Sometimes it’s hard to get started with a basic tool in 3D modeling because it seems daunting. Here’s a great way to get started with the revolve tool and then move right into it’s more...

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