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Changing Units in Onshape

Question: How do I change the dimensioning settings in OnShape? Who uses metric any way? Geez. Answer: Um… everyone uses metric these days… better get hip to the grip… as a matter of fact, here’s a link to a bunch of advanced metric projects. But, If you want to change...

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Onshape Solutions

These videos are best digested when you have not a clue what OnShape is or how it works. They are answers to the questions most often asked by students and teachers when the first open on shape. We would suggest watching them in order, if you have the time, but most of you won’t, and that’s...

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Advanced CAD Modeling & Mfg Math Activity

Worksheet with DimensionsElectronic Hand-in Document In this activity, students can download the worksheet with the dimensions and directions, and use them to build the METRIC models in your favorite 3D modeling software. NOTE: Worksheet with Dimensions Drawings updated 4/30/2020… Thanks...

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