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Shapeoko-Install CarbideMotion

Question: How do I Install CarbideMotion? Do I need it? How does it work? Answer: CarbideMotion is the control software by Carbide 3D that controls the Shapeoko CNC Routers. click on the picture below and it will take you to Carbide 3D’s website that takes you through an overview of...

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Make Inventor Load Faster

Question: My Inventor loads slow! How can I speed it up? Solution: One way to do it, and this works especially well on older computers or ones with low end graphics, is to turn off Add-ins. Most of these are not necessary when you do most things in Inventor, so you can have Inventor start with them...

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EdgeCAM Won’t Load an Inventor File?!?

TRY THIS! STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED! So, This is a new one! Happy New School Year from EdgeCAM! It seems many schools are having problems where EdgeCAM Version 2011.10.1 or newer will not load an Inventor 2011 file in some cases. In what cases? Who knows. But if you come across this...

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