What comes in the box and how do I wire it together?

I know, that’s really two questions… actually a Q & A and a How to… so I’ll post it in both…

What does the Tormach xsTECH come with? What’s in the box? How do I wire it together? All of these questions and more answered in this short video.

Like a little kid at Christmas!

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01 T&P Robot Axis & Movement

Download Activity

Download Blank Field Template

Jointed arm robots are useful for many different tasks because of its range of motion and degrees of freedom. In this activity you will learn how to move a robotic arm in many different ways and write a program to make the robot write the word “CIM” with accuracy and repeatability. CIM stands for Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

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0.5 Presentation-Introduction to Robotics

Download Here

This is a presentation that can be used as the perfect introduction into the types of robots used in industry today and how it is applied with your classroom robot.

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Dobot Blockly Curriculum Downloads

Introduction goes here. When you click on the titles or the pictures below you will get the document download as a PDF.


1-Blockly: Pick & Place

2-Blockly: Pick and Place with Jumps and Loops

3-Blockly: Pick & Place with Inputs

4-Blockly Developing a Cube Matrix

5-Blockly: Using the Color Sensor

6-Blockly: Start & Stop Conveyor

7-Blockly: Dobot to Dobot Handshaking

8-Blockly: Arduino to Arduino Handshaking

9-Blockly: VEX to VEX Handshaking


10-Blockly: Dobot to VEX Handshaking

11-Blockly: Workcell Design

Entire Curriculum


Dobot Blockly- Programming Commands

Dobot Blockly-Hardware Connections


Blockly Glossary

Input Output Guide

Field Template


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How Do I start My Lynxmotion Robot With SSC-32U?


How do I get my Lynxmotion robot to connect with my computer? I have the new USB version of the SSC-32.


It is a little bit different, in that there is now only one switch, and it will connect every single time, as long as you follow the right steps.  The steps are listed below and can be downloaded as a PDF from the link as well. Pay attention to the last step! Even if you are not using bluetooth turn it on.

reddownloadusing the new ssc32 Download


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How do I get my robot to work when I unplug my cortex from the computer?


Just change the setting you see in the picture here, and you will be all set! After you change this it will ask you to power cycle your cortex. Just turn it off and back on again, and it will run your program when it’s unplugged from your computer.



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How do I know inventor will run in my classroom?


How do I know Inventor will run correctly in my classroom after it is installed?


It can be a huge issue to change the image of a computer, after it has been installed. There are some things you can do to check and be sure that it works. See the steps below.

reddownloadCIM Check your Software-Inventor

















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