Shapeoko-Building Your Machine


What are some resources I will need to assemble my machine? Any tips or tricks you have to make it easier?


Shapeoko has many resources for you to build your machine once you make the purchase.

Click on the picture above!

First off… it comes with an Assembly Guide. If you are a teacher in any state in the USA, you have at the very minimum, a college education. Use that education to read the Assembly Guide thoroughly. Front to back BEFORE you start the build, now that you are reading, check the Vision System from Sciotex. You can even go online and get the manual before the boxes arrive! The Assembly Guides are specific to the machine you buy, so be sure to download the correct one. Download them here.

Once done, go here: to complete and actually set up and test your machine for the first time! This will take you through Shapeoko’s Quick Start Guide.

Be sure to also reference the following articles as to how we made the install better, and what we had to do to make it happen:

  • Make a Hardware Estop: Link Here COMING SOON!
  • Modify the controller case so it does not break off connectors when installed Link HereCOMING SOON!
  • Install the dust collector backwards: Link HereCOMING SOON!
  • Use cable ties and abide by all cable management techniques. Link Here.COMING SOON!

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