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Dobot Magician Start Up Procedure


What’s the proper way to actually get my Dobot Magician to connect to my computer?  What software is required? Is it expensive?  


Number one, the software is free and it is called Dobot Studio. I am told it always will be, and it is updated regularly. You can install it on as many computers as you wish. Did I mention it is free? As for start up procedure, it is very easy. just watch the short one minute video clip below.  A couple other things while we are at it…. be sure that the power supply power cord is plugged in all the way; this is a common reason for not connecting. Also please heed the warning below and NEVER plug inputs or outputs into the robot while it is powered “ON”.

Never connect or disconnect inputs or outputs to the robot while it is powered up or connected to the software. Damage to the robot will result!

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Get a deal on a Dobot Magician through Chrisandjimcim!

We have found a way to get a Dobot Magician for teaching in your classroom! All you have to do is go to InPosition Technologies here: and when your district makes the purchase, use the code chrisandjimcim for $100 off and free shipping!

NOTE: We do get a portion of all sales that are generated using this code, and it will be used to pay for this website. 


The other advantages to buying it here using this code:
  • $100.00 off.
  • Free Shipping.
  • US warranty work is done here in the United States.
  • They sell spare parts and accessories that are shipped from right here too.
  • US based email and telephone support.
  • Updated User’s manual.
  • Software is FREE. No Codes. Download HERE
  • Comes Pre-assembled.
  • Access to Word Doc Activity files as they become available
  • Access to the 3D print and laser cut accessory files as seen in the videos like the pneumatic parts feeder and the pallets.

I have just purchased 8 of them for my classroom to use within my robotics class. As I develop activities, I will also share all of them, in Word Doc format for all of you who use the code to purchase a robot. I will also share the files for any of the 3D printed and lasercut accessories that we make for it in the classroom. Very easy to program, and very powerful software that can TEACH as well as RECORD. The software is free and requires no code. Download it here.  See the quick video below!


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My ________________ doesn’t work. How do I get PLTW Tech Support?




My ________________ doesn’t work. How do I get PLTW Tech Support? or What’s in the Purchase Manual? or How do I get…..


PLTW now has what is called the Solution Center, and it can be found here: There are many questions you can get answers to here including Hardware & Software issues,  Equipment & Supplies, and Marketing Materials. When you click on the email link it takes you to: but use the contacts below:  

The Official Contacts  for the Solution Center are:


Phone: 877.335.7589

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I can’t seem to get EdgeCAM or your Flow Arm to work, or any of the other CIM Software for that matter. What should I do?


Well, don’t cry; that doesn’t work. I’ve tried it. Screaming and yelling does not seem to work either. So here’s an idea:

Download the following Chris and Jim coloring pages!  That’s right! PDF coloring pages of yours truly! Download and make as many copies as you want, and have your kids color them in with crayons or markers or colored pencils; the options are endless!

Just click on the pictures below to download us! Don’t say we didn’t give you anything for Christmas!

This is a picture of me at CalPoly while mountain biking at Puddingstone reservoir! Chris_teaser

This is a picture of Jim when he came out to Cazenovia last Spring to do the Lynx Robotics update!

Any more questions?      
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My CNC machine window in CNCmotion is missing and I cannot get it back!



You are probably using the wrong software. When you get CNCmotion, you actually get two programs. CNCmotion; which is used to simulate machining on the students computers, and CNCbase, which is used to actually runon the machine attached to the computer. Because it is attached, CNCbase does not have a 3D simulation component.

Look in the upper corner of the software (see below) and if it says CNCbase, remove it and install CNCmotion.
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