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Shapeoko: Add a Hardware E-Stop

Weirdest thing. The machine is quite amazing. The software is pretty well thought out. The build is easy. The workflow is smooth. But where’s the E-stop? There is ABSOLUTELY no way I could put a machine in my classroom without an E-stop, and the Shapeoko does not have one. Either software...

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06 Blockly-Start & Stop the Conveyor

Download Robotic arms need to communicate with each other as well as other peripherals such as conveyor belts or linear rails in order to move materials or products through stages of a work cell. In this activity you will learn how to program a robot to control a material conveyor. We will...

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Problem: My kids always update RobotC on my computers, how can I stop this? Solution: This can cause many problems in a classroom. Mostly because then you may have more than one version in the same class, and this wreaks havoc when they go to a different computer, as the Cortex’ firmware may...

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