Why you should make useless things

A TED talk that explains why you should make useless things…. As you’ll see there are many advantages and sometimes humor is the best medicine. I knew there was a good reason i consider myself the “hardware” guy!

Need joy without performance anxiety or fear of failure? Need to learn how to ask the right questions? Need to replace frustration with enthusiasm? Build useless things.

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Chris and Jim CIM Gets a Face Lift!

Hey boys and girls! Chris and Jim CIM just got a face lift thanks to an amazing senior at Cazenovia High School. Mike Gugino, a computer/Software Engineering major is a Freshman at RIT and this was his senior project. ┬áMike did all the coding and the heavy lifting behind the scenes, and then taught us how to maintain it! ┬áSpecial Thanks to Mike’s Computer Tech teacher as well: Mr. Phan. The 5 minute video below gives you an overview of how it works.

While we are at it, I also want to clarify the mission of Chris and Jim CIM. We established this website because we as educators see the importance of teaching CIM to high school students. This is a vehicle for Augmenting what happens in a CIM classroom, and in no way shape or form is meant to replace anyone’s curriculum.

You asked questions; we answered. You got better, we gave you more cool stuff to add to your bag of tricks. That’s what it’s all about. Giving your kids in your classrooms, the best possible bang for their buck.

The president of the US thinks it’s important, industry thinks it’s important, and so do we.


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LMS: Announcements Are Grayed Out


I want to use announcements in my LMS, but they are grayed out so that my students can’t get to them. Can I make them visible?



Of course you can. Just know that they will stay grayed out until you add at least one announcement. See the short video below to learn how to make menu items accessible to your students, and how to change the order.

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How do I use Inventor to make The Flange?


How do I use Inventor to make The Flange?


See the video below for one way to do it. It walks you through all the steps from hole cycles to profiles, to roughing operations.

The video below does not have any sound track.

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