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Control Systems: 8 Bit Computer

What a great way to allow a student to go above and beyond by building an example 8 bit cpu from a bunch of arduinos and other Digital Electronics class parts! This was a project i first found on Hackaday, and posted it here so that I could have an independent study student complete it as a project....

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Manufacturing Myths

There are many myths about manufacturing held by high school students and adults alike across the US, and right here at home in our high schools. How can high school students make choices about careers in manufacturing if they don’t even know what it is? Here are some of the myths your students...

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Teachers Get a Deal at Travers Tools!

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get tools from Travers at the same price that you get it at school with the discount included? even better… if you could pay with your credit card, and it could be delivered right to your house? You can! and it gets better… If you have students...

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