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New! Dobot Resources

You’ve asked… We’ve listened. We are in the process of developing even more “stuff” for the Dobot Magicians for those of you who use them in your classroom.  Please click on the link below to get more info on where to get resources like:
  • More information on where & how to buy them
  • Presentations
  • Lessons & Activities
  • Teacher resources
  • Student resources
CnJCIM is continuing to develop new resources as well as update current resources for using the Dobot Magicians. We would like to be able to keep you up to date with all of the resources we are creating. All the information collected on this survey will not be shared with anyone outside of the CnJCIM network and will only be used for the purposes of better developing more specific resources for teachers and professors like you.  
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LMS: Announcements Are Grayed Out


I want to use announcements in my LMS, but they are grayed out so that my students can’t get to them. Can I make them visible?


  Of course you can. Just know that they will stay grayed out until you add at least one announcement. See the short video below to learn how to make menu items accessible to your students, and how to change the order.

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Problem: How do you handshake with two VEX Cortex’s? I can’t seem to get it to work! Solution: I had to call in the big guns on this one; Jim is a RobotC programmer extraordinaire. He put together the tutorial below.  Not only that, but he and I wrote the powerpoint and the teacher’s notes that contains all the notes that show how to wire this and make it work. So if you are a PLTW teacher, most of this documentation is in the teacher’s notes!
We agree though; the programming piece was lacking. So here it is. Attached you will find an activity to do, including the programming to make VEX to VEX handshaking work. If you need to zoom in below, use Ctrl + mouse wheel in your browser, and it will zoom in and out!
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This post is ARCHIVED, meaning links may or may not work, and it may not scale well on a mobile device as it was written a while ago.

My shoulder servo doesn’t work anymore, and I’m told they don’t make this servo anymore. What do I do now?

Solution: You could cry, but I suggest you upgrade the arm following the steps below to complete this task. It’ll cost about $100 per arm, but it’s worth it.

  Black_DownloadClick here to download the full PDF version HERE.

If you purchased your Lynxmotion robotic arm before 2011, chances are you got a batch of glitchy shoulder servos. HiTech€™s, the servo company, solution to fixing them was to discontinue them. This left Lynxmotion with only one choice: change the servos. To do this, the brackets had to change as well. Also, this upgrade makes the arm much stronger and smoother, and I believe they will last a lot longer as well.

So, if you want a stronger, smoother robotic arm, and you have some money in your budget, follow the steps bellow to an upgrade! The products below come in packs of two, so for about $110.00 each, they€™ll be good for many more years.

bennies 1 2 3 4 5
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