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Tormach Post for Fusion 360

Question: I want to use Fusion 360 and post it to a Tormach machine. How do I do it? Answer: Well, all new versions of Fusion 360 should already come with the post processor installed, but if you have an older version, you can go to Tormach’s website and download any post that you...

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A CNC machine for $4000? Really?

Thanks Ryan Dennes!  He sent me an email outlining a new CNC machine that will cut everything up to and including aluminum, for only $4000. The post for it is already baked right into HSM too, so you should be able to send code for it right out of Inventor! It’s called the Pocket NC. I am NOT...

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How do I get G&M Code Using Inventor HSM?

Question: How do I get G&M code from Inventor HSM to make my actual part on the milling machine? Answer: post-code-with-hsm It’s really gotten very easy to do with HSM. Follow the directions below, and you should be all set!  Be sure to download the PLTW tool library, and watch video...

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