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02 Blockly Pick & Place With Jumps & Loops

Download When programming a robotic arm, it often becomes necessary to repeat operations a set number of times or indefinitely. This can be accomplished by adding different styles of loops to our program. It is also a good programming habit to optimize or reduce your lines of code when appropriate....

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01 Blockly Pick and Place Dobot

Download Robotic arms are excellent for performing pick and place operations such as placing small electronic components on circuit boards or laser cut stainless steel stencils, as well as large boxes on pallets. A pick and place operation will require at least 5 points: In this activity you will...

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The Dobot Magician: A REAL Educational Robot?

About a month ago  I purchased a Dobot Magician from an Etsy shop, as that was the only way to get them at the time. Try telling your business office you want to use school money to buy something on Etsy….  Luckily, it was a grant, and I was able to purchase it. It is now available at In-Position...

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