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Caz Students Present to SMEEF in Michigan

Riley Lordon & Savannah Johnson, juniors at Cazenovia HS took what they learned in Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) class last year and brought it to life in Michigan this week. They presented “Industrial Robots in the Classroom” at the SME Headquarters in Southfield Michigan...

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Robocell: Palletize and Storage

Question: How do I do Robocell Activity G, Palletization & Storage? That’s hard! Answer: It’s not that hard to do once you understand the concepts behind variables.   Here are some video tutorials to get you on your way: Palletize & Storage: Concepts & Cell .youtube_sc...

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The Dobot Magician: A REAL Educational Robot?

About a month ago  I purchased a Dobot Magician from an Etsy shop, as that was the only way to get them at the time. Try telling your business office you want to use school money to buy something on Etsy….  Luckily, it was a grant, and I was able to purchase it. It is now available at In-Position...

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