New! Dobot Resources

You’ve asked… We’ve listened. We are in the process of developing even more “stuff” for the Dobot Magicians for those of you who use them in your classroom.  Please click on the link below to get more info on where to get resources like:

  • More information on where & how to buy them
  • Presentations
  • Lessons & Activities
  • Teacher resources
  • Student resources

CnJCIM is continuing to develop new resources as well as update current resources for using the Dobot Magicians. We would like to be able to keep you up to date with all of the resources we are creating. All the information collected on this survey will not be shared with anyone outside of the CnJCIM network and will only be used for the purposes of better developing more specific resources for teachers and professors like you.



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Why won’t my RobotC program compile today without errors, but it did yesterday?


Probably because you forgot to change your Platform Type Settings.

This happens in my lab when a student uses a different computer.

Just make sure platform type is set to VEX 2.0 Cortex, and Natural Language PLTWis checked!


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