Tool Attribute WS: What Speeds & Feeds for Renshape?


What are the speeds and feeds that you use in your classroom while CNC machining?


That’s really a loaded question!  It depends on a lot of different variables. With that said, below is a list of speeds, feeds, plunge rates, and general info I use when machining Renshape 440 or 450 in my classroom on an Intellitek Super Prolight 1000. I have used the same numbers consistently on the Benchmill 6000, as well as the ExpertMill. Note: These are conservative. As you should be in your classroom, especially as a first year teacher!

Thanks to Fred Routson for filling this out properly! I then went and added my two cents.

reddownloadCaz Tool Attribute Worksheet

Caz HS Tool Attribute WS


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How many teeth or flutes for my CNC tools?


Does it matter how many teeth or flutes my end mills have?


Actually it does. A good rule of thumb for the beginner: the harder the material, the more teeth!  What’s the difference between teeth and flutes? Teeth do the cutting, flutes bring the cut material away from the part. The excerpt from our Tooling ppt is below! If you look at the formula for Feed rate here, you will also see that the number of teeth your tool has determines how fast you can move the tool across the material.

By looking at this equation for calculating





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