What kind of tools should I use?


I know nothing about tools for CNC machines.  What kind are there, and what can I use them for?


There is so much to learn about tooling when it comes to CNC machines, that it can really be overwhelming. Here we present just the basics as it pertains to a “rookies” classroom. There are complete courses on these topics, but this should get you started! Be sure to look at the tools in the HSM tool library, and it will give you the info you need to order the tools. It even gives you the company and part number!

First of all, We have put together a short powerpoint which can be downloaded at the link below.

reddownloadCnJ CNC Tooling Basics


What tool do I use for which operations?


Types of cutters: Center Cutting End mills


Types of cutters: Non-Center Cutting End Mills


Types of Cutters: Roughing Mills


Types of Cutters: Ball End Mills


Types of cutters: Engravers



Types of cutters: Fly or Shell Mill

















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