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Chris & Jim CIM

Welcome to www.chrisandjimcim.com. Our mission is to make Computer Integrated Manufacturing more exciting and easier for students and educators alike. As you utilize the resources here, you will see how Science, Technology, Engineering & Math can be brought to life for your students, and possibly spark the interests of the next generation of manufacturers and makers...

Our Classrooms

Jim's Classroom

Jim's Classroom is in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Walker Career Center. Students in has classroom utilize Intellitek and EMCO CNC machines, PLC's, and ER2, ER4 , and Lynxmotion Robots

Chris' Classroom

Chris' classroom is in Cazenovia, a small town in upstate NY, near Syracuse. No where NEAR NYC... He has taught CIM here since 1999, and works with Intellitek CNC machines, ER4U, Lynxmotion, and Fanuc Robots.

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