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CTI Summer 2015: CalPoly Pomona




Game on! Jim and I are here for two weeks in beautiful Southern California for the Core Training Institute at Cal Poly Pomona. Jim and I have been teaching here for a while now and the weather and the people make this a great place for a CTI. We look forward to a great two weeks working with 14 teachers from the Southwestern US to teach them all about CIM. Be sure to check Chris's blog for more post throughout the coming weeks on the "goings on" here and at the University of Kentucky as well where I will be teaching with Ryan Dennes.


Welcome to chrisandjimcim.com. Our mission is to make Computer Integrated Manufacturing more exciting and easier for students and educators alike. As you look through the resources here, you will see how STEM can be integrated into manufacturing education. Here you'll find tutorials and information regarding all things CIM including: solid modeling, CAD, CAM, and simulations with VEX, Lynxmotion, and Fischertechnik.

You'll also find a section called "solutions". In this section, you'll find answers to your VEXing problems, as well as solutions to common issues. Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions, concerns or suggestions that you may have, and we can post them here.

Also new is the "projects" section. This is a showcase for student projects as well as projects for you, the teacher, to make your classroom a better place to learn.

We feel that CIM in education plays a vital role in the future of America's Industry, and what better way to ensure it's growth than by investing in the students and educators of the 21st century?





Chris Hurd
CIM Educator
Cazenovia HS
Cazenovia NY
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Jim Hanson
CIM Educator
Walker Career Center
Indianapolis IN
Jim_Sig_300x80_white jimhanson
Jim Hanson
CIM Educator
Walker Career Center
Indianapolis IN

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Jim Hanson
Walker Career Center

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